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Rubix Solutions provides several Government Property Management solutions that address the complex processes, cumbersome administration, and high costs/risks associated with the management of contract Government Property. We provide automated systems, namely, software, hardware and communications devices for planning, scheduling, controlling, monitoring and providing information on transportation assets and parts thereof.

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Rubix Solutions Technology

Hardware, Software, Automation, & Communication Systems

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Rubix Solutions - BlockTrack Bluetooth LE Tags

Uses prevalent BLE asset tracking technology

A modern Wi-Fi installation provides necessary coverage

Interfaces with the Rubix Solutions BlockTrack Mobile Software Application to show exact locations

Solution is scalable to thousands of assets

3-year maintenance free battery

Tags are designed to endure stringent requirements - including medical use

Multiple attachment options support a variety of use cases and asset types

Starting at $19.99


SocketScan Bluetooth Scanners

Fully integrated with the Rubix Solutions BlockTrack software solution

Read/Write from a distance of up to 330 feet away from a connected mobile device

Scan Linear Barcode / 2D Barcode / NFC Tags

Built for harsh environments in warehouse, distribution and industrial manufacturing.

Advanced ergonomics fitting perfectly in your hand for comfortable and extended use. Light and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Starting at $349


Consulting Solutions


Government Property Disposition

Storage and Case Management

Why waste time and resources on a contract that has ended? Let us handle the disposal process in our secure facilities that can store, pack, ship, demilitarize, and recycle DoD Assets in accordance with DCMA instructions. We send you the paperwork certifying completion, or it can be uploaded directly to your BlockTrack™ account.

Auditing Services

Comprehensive Audit Readiness

FAR 52.245-1 requires DoD contractors to conduct periodic self-assessments. Rubix offers services to conduct assessments with expert property professionals under guidance from former DCMA auditors. Need post-audit support? No problem. Let our experts come in and assure you are fully compliant.


Strategic Planning & Improvements

Proposal Evaluation, Risk Mitigation, Policy and Procedures

Demonstrating risk reduction to government customers ahead of awards and proposals can save millions of dollars in unnecessary spending during contract execution. Let us evaluate your requirements and generate an Asset Management Plan to mitigate costs and increase contract award probability.

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Inventory & Warehousing

Complete Inventory Management

Have complex inventory management requirements? Let Rubix Solutions handle the planning or executing. Many customers trust their Spares Management, DLA shipments, and Contractor Logistic Support contracts to Rubix Solutions. We handle inventory management utilizing automated systems, namely, software, hardware and communications devices for planning, scheduling, controlling, monitoring and providing information on transportation assets and parts thereof.

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Logistics Support

Acquisition, Transport, Tracking

Rubix defense logistics specialists bring years of knowledge and experience managing and delivering foreign/non-standard weapons and ammunition, accessories, and parts to CONUS and OCONUS locations in support of the US Government and our allies around the world. Let us navigate the complexities of requirements and get your shipments where you need them.

Project and Data Management

Rubix Solutions will manage the property on your project from start to finish. Whether you’re complying with standards or improving operational processes, we will work with you every step of the way. Leverage Rubix’s technology and innovation to eliminate manual processes while enhancing reporting accuracy and communications. Our team of experts will implement best practices and continuous improvement initiatives to gain additional efficiencies and cost savings throughout the contract lifecycle.



Risk and Compliance

We review your contracts and business processes and identify strategic advantages, operations improvements, and risk analysis. With agile governance, risk management, and compliance, your organization can put into place the appropriate controls to mitigate the risk while gaining access to the newest technology.

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Value Steam

A value stream map (AKA end-to-end system map) takes into account not only the activity of the product but the management and information systems that support the basic process. This is especially helpful when working to reduce cycle time because you gain insight into the decision making flow in addition to the process flow.

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Horizon Planning

Where do you envision your system?

The idea behind horizon planning is that it connects the present with what is hoped for in the future while identifying what might go wrong along the way. Think of it as a type of SWOT analysis, though it is a bit more nuanced than that approach.

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Asset Management Software


Plan, track, review, and collaborate with BlockTrack. All your work—in one secure, visual, auditable system.

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