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Advanced Inventory Management Platform

BlockTrack® is a revolutionary Asset Tracking and Management Platform designed to replace spreadsheets, expensive scanners, and costly software. It’s the first product of its kind to offer the security of Blockchain technology and the performance of dashboard vitals to visualize contract compliance and inventory management in one simple, affordable package.

All subscriptions include data migration, setup, and virtual training at no additional cost.

BlockTrack Features


U.S. Government Compliance

FAR + DFARS Regulations

Audit-ready or not? Plug in your contract data and let BlockTrack take care of the rest. A series of dashboard indicators will show whether or not you are compliant.


FedRAMP GovCloud Security

Seamless, Secure, Mobile

Rated by DISA at DoD Impact Level 5, BlockTrack meets the FedRAMP security control requirements as described in the NIST 800-53 security control baseline for moderate or high impact levels.


Dashboard Analytics

Harness the power of Data

You wouldn't drive a car without a dashboard; so why would you navigate your asset management without one? These powerful data analytics will take your asset management to the next level.

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Inventory Newsfeed

Who moved what, and where?

Stop wasting time writing and checking emails. See every inventory action and who moved it in one simple, easy-to-read newsfeed.


Contract Management

Streamlined contract data

All of your contract data is pushed to your asset records. No more checking back and forth what the contract says!

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Subcontractor Management

Keeping track is now easy!

Manage all of your subcontractor inventory and data in one streamlined system. Allow your subcontractors to report inventory directly into BlockTrack!

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Geotag Capability

Snap it, log it

Geotagging adds geographical identification metadata to photos. What does that mean for you? The location of your asset is auto-logged by your mobile device.


Material Management

Nuts, Bolts, Screws

Large quantities? No problem. BlockTrack can also handle material.

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Disposition Case Management

Keep it moving!

With a quick glance, you will know what the status of pending cases are in eTools Plant Clearance and how long they have been pending.

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BlockTrack is Powerful, Simple, & Secure

  • BlockTrack is more than just a Government Property Management tool. It is a data-driven powerhouse that can analyze contracts, pinpoint deficiencies, and automate inventory management. The entire system is cloud based so theres no need to download or host any software.

  • The system was designed by property professionals with property professionals in mind. The functionality of the system works the same way the FAR/DFARS do so every transaction is a simple 2-clicks away.

  • There are 4 different modules that suite organizations from small businesses to large defense contractors. The technology you use to manage your inventory is completely up to you.

  • The BlockTrack Mobile App can communicate with several different tagging technologies - no need for expensive heavy scanners. Choose the best tagging/tracking technology that meets your unique requirements:

Linear Barcode

Linear Barcode

2D Barcode

2D Barcode

Connected Smart Tags

Connected Smart Tags




Status Adjustment


How long does it take to change the status of 10 different asset records? Roughly 20 seconds

Asset records can easily be assigned an inventory status selected by the user. If something is lost, damaged, or destroyed - the user simply marks the record while investigating the cause and corrective action. Once the report is completed, simply attach it to the records and update the status.


Project/Proposal Management System


Plan. Organize. Track. In one visual, collaborative space

How simple is it to organize teams, proposals, awards, and current projects? Now, it’s very simple. With BlockTrack you can manage your teams, proposals, awards, current projects, and contracts coming up for recompete. Break each project down into teams and assign users to each project and proposal. Users can comment, assign tasks, and ask questions all from right inside the app!


Event Timeline


Lifecycle events from start to finish for all your record transactions

An average of 200 lifecycle events will happen to assets between acquisition and disposition. BlockTrack will monitor all of those for you and pinpoint when an event occurred with a quick scroll.

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Platform Statistics

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BlockTrack Plans

BlockTrack Pricing 9-19.png

We Have More Impactful Features Coming Soon!

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Project Management Task Board

Keep teams and tasks organized

Plan. Organize. Track. In one visual, collaborative space.

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U.S. Government IUID Compliance

Select records, get tags!

Getting IUID tags is just a click away. Asset records that need tags can send an eRequest ticket in with tags at your door in days.

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AR Inventory ID

Instant inventory recognition

Augmented Reality Identification will make property identification simple and efficient.

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GPS Tagging

Like a Cosmic Inventory Team

Sensitive assets need consistent tracking. Our new BlockTags in development will be able to show the location of assets at all times.


Project Forecasting

Foresight is 20/20

Like a calculator for contracts, Project Forecasting can determine the cost of asset management on your program when it counts.

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Maintenance Management

Track all service/maintenance

Let BlockTrack tell you when assets require a tuneup and track the process from start to finish!

Asset Management is Now Visual with BlockTrack.

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