What We Offer



Research // Analysis // Guidance

By leveraging our full spectrum contract strategy, design, and technology capabilities, we deliver game-changing outcomes for our clients from proposal to closeout.



Software // Hardware // Apps

We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions to complex problems in supply chain and asset management. From customizable software solutions to complex technology implementation, we have technology covered.



Auditing // Inventory // Warehousing

We address the complex processes, cumbersome administration, and high costs/risks associated with the management of Government Property. All of our clients have received 100% passing audit results.

What Can BlockTrack Do For You?


Powerful, Intuitive Interface with Embedded Analytics

Business intelligence and data analytics highlight anomalies and pinpoint the data you need to accurately manage assets, reducing analysis time by 90%.

Audit at a Glance with Compliance Driven Metrics

BlockTrack evaluates clauses and data in your contracts while providing an audit snapshot to visualize contract compliance and performance for easy, effortless understanding.

“BlockTrack is a game-changing product with tremendous capabilities that will have a significant impact on our industry.”

— Sean D, Former DCMA Auditor

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Department of Defense Asset Management is Now Visual with BlockTrack.

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