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Introducing our most advanced inventory/supply chain/logistics management software platform with built in compliance data analytics


What Can BlockTrack® Do For You?

Advanced Mobile App

The BlockTrack Mobile App can communicate with several different tagging technologies - no need for expensive heavy scanners. Choose the best tagging/tracking technology that meets your unique requirements. Complete acquisitions, inventory, transfers, shipments, and disposals right from the app.

Simple Interface with 2-Click Capability

Maintain records of contracts, hardware, software, and other assets, including all lifecycles from from acquisition to to disposition. You can even attach documents and photos right from the app! Assign tasks, transfer contracts, and manage projects in just a few simple clicks. Users have reported a 90% increase in transaction efficiency vs other software.

Advanced KPI Dashboards

BlockTrack dashboards provide a central location for users to access, interact and analyze up-to-date information so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions. Now you can visualize inventory performance and compliance metrics in real-time and on the go.

Inventory Newsfeed

Every event and transaction that happens in the system is logged in a centrally accessible Inventory Newsfeed so managers and teams can see whats going on throughout the organization. Users report sending 70% less status emails from this features alone!

Award Winning Design

Our Dark Mode interface not only looks amazing, there are proven medical reasons behind it. Bright blue light has been proven to cause eye strain, fatigue, and insomnia. Our Dark Mode option can also shows charts and highlights data better.


Simple, Powerful, Intuitive Interface with Embedded Analytics

Say goodbye to the old days of spreadsheets and emails - BlockTrack can sort your data into valuable data insights and automatically generate reports to customers. Business intelligence and data analytics highlight anomalies and pinpoint the data you need to accurately manage assets, reducing analysis time by 90%.

Audit at a Glance with Compliance Driven Metrics

BlockTrack evaluates clauses, requirements, and data in your contracts providing an audit snapshot to visualize compliance and performance for easy, effortless understanding. No more going back and forth to see what requirements your contracts, CLIN’s, and Delivery Orders have.

Clear Visual Data Intelligence on Contracts

Auditors, Customers, and Program Managers all agree - asset management backed by data intelligence insights can mitigate risks, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Project Management Tools

Manage project data and immediately highlight potential for cost overruns, audit risks, and supply shortages. You can also assign tasks, manage project data, and view milestones in calendar format.

Powerful, Secure, Military Grade Encryption

GovCloud Hosted + High Impact Level 5 Rated and is fully compliant with the recent cyber security requirements in DFARS 252.204-7012 and NIST SP800-171. The platform is designed around Blockchain that exceeds even the highest AES encryption protocol.

Two-factor authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual factor authentication, is a security process in which the user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves to better protect both the user's credentials and the resources the user can access.

Deloitte explains the benefits of incorporating Blockchain and IoT devices into your supply chain traceability:

“BlockTrack is a game-changing product with tremendous capabilities that will have a significant impact on our industry.”

— Sean D, Former DCMA Auditor

“This is the Amazon of Property Management Systems.”

— Stanford University, Property Management Office


Inventory Management is Now Visual with BlockTrack.

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